The D-street is bustling with IPOs and as many as four are opening for subscription on 4th August. In this article, let’s discuss the IPO of Exxaro Tiles, a tilemaker known for its widespread presence, innovative range of tiles redefining beauty and style, and putting in commendable efforts on the R&D front. Stay with us to read vital information that can help you evaluate the Exxaro Tiles IPO.

About Exxaro Tiles

Incorporated in 2008, Gujarat-based Exxaro Tiles started out as a partnership firm that manufactured frit, a raw material used in making tiles. …

When purchasing anything small or big in value, be it vegetables or consumer durables, you look to pay a fair price for it, not less not more. Sometimes, you may also look to buy it for a price lower than its fair value. The same goes for stocks. Let’s learn more on the subject.

Are stock priced fairly on bourses?

You may be aware that stock prices are influenced by various aspects, both internal and external to the company. These include recent developments in a company, demand and supply of the stock, and macroeconomic conditions. …

The long-awaited Zomato IPO is finally set to open tomorrow. What makes the IPO special is that Zomato will be the first Indian online food aggregator and one of the first Indian unicorn startups to go public. What’s more, due to the pandemic, people of all ages including middle-aged and senior citizens resonate with Zomato as a brand. No wonder all the hype! Without further ado, let’s evaluate the IPO.

About Zomato

A food directory turned online food aggregator, Zomato was incorporated in 2010 in Gurgaon. …

With a host of initial public offerings expected to hit the market in the coming days, you have no dearth of investment options. However, evaluating them carefully can help you identify the ones that are worth investing your hard-earned money in. Here we analyse GR Infraprojects Ltd IPO.

About GR Infraprojects Ltd

Incorporated in Dec 1995, GR Infraprojects Limited (GRIL) is an integrated road engineering, procurement, and construction company (EPC). They are experienced in designing and construction activities and working on road and highway projects. In the road sector, GRIL undertakes civil construction projects under the EPC, BOT (Build Operate…

India Pesticides Ltd, a leading agrochemical manufacturer, is looking to make a market debut by raising Rs 800 cr via an initial share sale. Here are all the details you need to analyse India Pesticides Ltd IPO and make an informed investment decision.

About India Pesticides Ltd (IPL)

Incorporated in 1984, IPL is one of the fastest-growing agrochemical companies in India with strong R&D capabilities and a diversified product portfolio. The company has 2 business verticals namely, technicals and formulations.

As of 30th Sep 2020, they manufactured over 30 formulations of herbicides, insecticides, and fungicides. The formulations include IPL Ziram-27…

After a brief pause, a handful of IPOs are expected to hit the Indian stock market this monsoon. On Mon this week, Shyam Metalics IPO and a few others opened for subscription, and on Wed, KIMS Hospitals and Dodla Dairy IPOs are prepping to open for retail investors. In this article, let us evaluate Dodla Dairy IPO.

About Dodla Dairy Limited
Incorporated in 1995, Hyderabad-based Dodla Dairy Limited is India’s third-largest dairy firm in terms of daily milk procurement at 10.3 lakh litres. Further, it is the second-largest private dairy player in terms of market presence. The integrated dairy company procures…

In its second attempt to go public, a leading steel-maker Shyam Metalics is set to open its initial share sale on 14th Jun 2021. Here are the details you need to know before subscribing to Shyam Metalics and Energy IPO.

Incorporated in 2002, Shyam Metalics and Energy Ltd is a leading integrated metal producing company based in Kolkata, India. It specifically focuses on manufacturing high margin products such as specialised ferro alloys, customised billets for special steel applications, and long steel products. As of Dec 2020, Shyam Metalics had an aggregate installed capacity of 5.71 million tonnes per annum (MTPA)…

It is said that the third time’s a charm. Investors are hoping this holds true to Macrotech Developers — a Mumbai-based popular real estate company, formerly called Lodha Group — that has postponed debuting the market twice already. Macrotech Developers IPO would be the largest offered by a reals estate company public after DLF, which went public in 2007. Here’s all you need to know about the Macrotech IPO.

Lodha Developers aka Macrotech Developers had attempted to go public way back in 2009 and 2018. However, the company shelved its plans both times citing adverse conditions in the real estate…

A company can raise capital in two ways: by borrowing and issuing shares. In this article, we discuss what are shares and the types of shares.

What are shares?
When you buy/hold shares of a company, you become an investor/shareholder. A share gives you a stake or part ownership in the company, making you a part-owner of the company. Apart from ownership, a share also offers other entitlements to shareholders such as voting rights, preferential rights, participation in surplus profits, rights to receive dividends, and so on. These entitlements or benefits depend on the types of shares in question. Now that…

Raising a child is expensive but worth every drop of sweat and penny you put in to ensure they have the best of everything including education, healthcare, and a secure future. However, nothing comes easy and free. You need to plan rigorously and invest well in advance to give them the best.

While there are many avenues available in the market, the following are 5 long-term investments for your child that you can consider to secure their future.

Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana

Short for Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana, SSY is a Post Office Savings Scheme backed by the government. As the name…

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