In its second attempt to go public, a leading steel-maker Shyam Metalics is set to open its initial share sale on 14th Jun 2021. Here are the details you need to know before subscribing to Shyam Metalics and Energy IPO.

Incorporated in 2002, Shyam Metalics and Energy Ltd is a leading integrated metal producing company based in Kolkata, India. It specifically focuses on manufacturing high margin products such as specialised ferro alloys, customised billets for special steel applications, and long steel products. As of Dec 2020, Shyam Metalics had an aggregate installed capacity of 5.71 million tonnes per annum (MTPA)…

It is said that the third time’s a charm. Investors are hoping this holds true to Macrotech Developers — a Mumbai-based popular real estate company, formerly called Lodha Group — that has postponed debuting the market twice already. Macrotech Developers IPO would be the largest offered by a reals estate company public after DLF, which went public in 2007. Here’s all you need to know about the Macrotech IPO.

Lodha Developers aka Macrotech Developers had attempted to go public way back in 2009 and 2018. However, the company shelved its plans both times citing adverse conditions in the real estate…

A company can raise capital in two ways: by borrowing and issuing shares. In this article, we discuss what are shares and the types of shares.

What are shares?
When you buy/hold shares of a company, you become an investor/shareholder. A share gives you a stake or part ownership in the company, making you a part-owner of the company. Apart from ownership, a share also offers other entitlements to shareholders such as voting rights, preferential rights, participation in surplus profits, rights to receive dividends, and so on. These entitlements or benefits depend on the types of shares in question. Now that…

Raising a child is expensive but worth every drop of sweat and penny you put in to ensure they have the best of everything including education, healthcare, and a secure future. However, nothing comes easy and free. You need to plan rigorously and invest well in advance to give them the best.

While there are many avenues available in the market, the following are 5 long-term investments for your child that you can consider to secure their future.

Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana

Short for Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana, SSY is a Post Office Savings Scheme backed by the government. As the name…

Were you also disheartened when PUBG was banned in India? Because it felt like all hell broke loose to many. Why are we talking about PUBG anyway? Well, Nazara Technologies, a company closely related to the game is going public tomorrow. Nazara Technologies IPO is one of the most-awaited IPOs of 2021 for two main reasons.

One, it is backed by Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, an ace stock market investor. And two, Nazara Technologies is one of India’s leading online gaming companies, making the IPO the 1st pure play gaming company to go public in India. …

With over 10 IPOs issued in Indian stock markets within just 3 months of 2021, it looks like the markets have got no chill. Today, we analyse Anupam Rasayan India Limited IPO. A well-known name in the specialty chemicals market, Anupam Rasayana holds great potential, thanks to its significant exports, increasing demand for its products, and an eco-friendly business approach.

If you aren’t familiar with an IPO and how to apply for one, consider reading All you need to know about IPOs and All you need to know about applying for IPOs to get a fair understanding

About Anupam Rasayan…

In just 2 months of 2021, 8 IPOs have made it to the Indian stock markets. On 3rd Mar 2021, MTAR Technologies Ltd is set to join the pack. In this article, we analyse the company and its IPO to equip you with vital information needed to make informed investment decisions.

About MTAR Technologies Ltd

Backed by Mathew Cyriac, the former co-head of private equity Blackstone, MTAR Technologies is a Hyderabad-based precision engineering solutions company. It manufactures nuclear, defence, and aerospace equipment, which are used in projects of high national importance.

Timeline of MTAR Technologies Limited’s growth

In our previous articles, we read about penny stocks and high beta stocks. Both these variants are highly volatile, making them risky avenues. While these have the potential to generate high returns (remember risk-return trade-off), wouldn’t you also invest in stocks that are relatively less risky and offer more or less stable returns? If yes, blue chip stocks would interest you. Read on to learn more.

Imagine your bank account is credited with money that wasn’t intended for you. Ethically, you should be reversing the transaction. But then, you may choose not to….. for the right reason. Could there be a right reason? Well, yes. If the law states, who has a say?

Now, let’s paint a picture for you. A global bank, acting as a loan agent, accidentally transfers millions of dollars to its customer’s creditor. The creditor refuses to repay the funds. To worsen the situation, the parties have legal backing. But that’s not all. The fund that the bank has mistakenly paid is…

We know that the selling price of a good/service minus its cost price is the profit earned by the producer. In other words, the selling price of a good should be greater than the cost price. Only then can the producer cover the expenses incurred in producing the good/service and also earn a profit.

That said, there can be instances when technology can make the production of a product/service cheaper. Coupled with this, if the demand for the product is high, consumers wouldn’t mind paying a slightly higher price to purchase it. This way, the value of the good/service has…

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